Baubles & Pooches Event - My Top 10 Fave Accessories

by Tracy James

Last week I guest hosted a Stella & Dot event benefitting the Greater Birmingham Humane Society in memory of my beloved dog Rufus. After spending time styling clients in the jewelry, I was asked by several who could not attend to list my favorite pieces from the current collection. For for two more weeks you can shop the show online at and the profits will go to the GBHS.

Since a lot of you, like me, have attended or at least been invited to similar shows, I want to explain why this is different. As you can imagine, I have been approached by just about every social sales company to become a representative. Because I see it as a conflict of interest - wanting to remain neutral for my clients - I have always, and will continue to, say no.

Recently, upon a visit to Jerry La Suer's cool downtown loft (I was interviewing/shooting him as my September B-Metro Magazine Style Icon feature), I had the opportunity to peruse his display of Stella & Dot accessories (Jerry is a Senior Director and Founding Leader of the company). I've always liked Stella & Dot's pieces and been impressed with their trend representation and quality, but frankly, as I told Jerry, in the past I've found them to be priced higher than I want to spend for costume jewelry. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that Stella & Dot has significantly lowered their price point (but, important to note, not their quality)! 

Knowing I have clients whose wardrobes could use some of these pieces, I asked Jerry how I could arrange for my clients to see the collection. He suggested I host a trunk show, and I told him no, I didn't want to do anything like that. Then Jerry made me an offer I couldn't refuse: how about I bring clients by his place for a viewing and he would in turn donate all of the profits from the sale to the charity of my choice. DONE!  My obvious charity of choice is the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, for a variety of reasons, including the support they showed me after the tragic death of my beloved dog Rufus, and continue to show as the resulting criminal trial is pending.

I figured if Jerry was donating his profits, I should donate my time. What resulted was a highly successful event! Many clients who couldn't attend asked for purchase recommendations in order to purchase online. So I thought I'd share my Top 10 favorite/most recommended pieces - it was difficult to choose only 10! As I mentioned, for another two weeks, you can shop the show online: and profits will go toward the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.

1) Engravables

Jerry introduced me to these months ago when he presented me with a necklace that reads "#CHIC" that I wear almost everyday. I love layering it with some of my other delicate necklaces. I also love the look of multiple charms - whether an engraved piece, birthstone, symbol, etc - as one pendant. A favorite is the numbers, reminiscent of the old NYC Plaza hotel numbers that appeared on the necks of fashionistas who were able to snag one after the hotel was remodeled and the room numbers sold as jewelry.

2) Reverie Chandeliers

A fabulous gold chandelier earring is a must-have in my wardrobe. Beacuse Stella & Dot jewlery endures so well, I bought these to replace all of the other versions I've bought that have turned or tarnished too quickly. I love the antique gold color and ethnic inspiration of this design.

3) Christna Link Bracelet 

One reason I love this bracelet in gold or silver is that, with it's detailing like hammered links, it could easily pass for fine jewelry. It looks great paired with a gold or silver or two-tone watch.

4) Rebel Pendant

OK, so everyone has this necklace...and by "everyone," I mean lots of celebrities. But that's because it's cool and oh-so easy to wear.The pendant is just the right length and weight to hold its own when worn alone.

5) Double Clutch

For my younger or trendy clients - in citrine perforated saffiano (see previous post) leather, this clutch offers a pop of color to any outfit. I've been obsessed with perforation lately - I love its modern vibe and textural interest.

6) Tansy Fringe Collar

Dramatic and intriguing, this bold statement necklace in lovely antique gold is a true conversation that can define an outfit, whether it be a cocktail dress or white t-shirt and jeans.

7) Strength & Inspire Bracelets

Clearly I'm a fan of purchases that benefit a good cause, and through October 100% of net proceeds of these bracelets benefit the Noreen Fraser Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer research and creating awareness of the importance of early detection. I also love jewlery that has personal meaning. On a much lighter note, Bama fans will love the elephant design!

8) Gitane Tassel Necklace 

Faceted metallic glass beads add sparkle to this rosary-style silver plated brass necklace. Removable tassel features two smoky quartz accent stones. S-hook closure allows for versatility in styling. Wear it doubled with S-hook with or without tassel, or wear it long or tripled without the S-hook.

9) The Kimberly Necklace 
There's something to be said about a piece of jewelry versatile enough to add an ethic chicness to a t-shirt and jeans as well as a unique elegance to a streamlined dress.

10) Petra Braided Bracelet

If you haven't figured it out already, I like versatility, especially when it comes to the ability to dress up or dress down a piece of jewelry. Wear this statement piece with boyfriend jeans and jacket with rolled up sleeves or with a sassy cocktail dress. A pair of diamond studs is all you need to complete either look.

Further investigate in detail or order any of these pieces at