When It Comes to Accessories, Don't Paint by the Numbers

by Tracy James

Just as I try to avoid being too "matchy-matchy," I've never been a fan of jewelry that comes as a set. This is just a personal preference, mind you, but there's something about the matching pieces that is too predictable for me…a bit too "paint by the numbers." There's no decision to be made, no creative hand to play. Alternately, when jewelry pieces are mixed, it creates a feeling that one is wearing collected pieces, thus making the overall look more interesting, and in my opinion, making the pieces themselves appear more expensive.

So I have been delighted by the trend that began several years ago of layering necklaces and stacking bracelets, as this truly presents the opportunity for custom accessorizing. This is a great example of a trend that can be interpreted in a way that fits your lifestyle, age and personal style. You can layer/stack traditional, preppy pieces or artsy/funky pieces, and everything in between. As designer Kate Spade said, "Accessories are what make an outfit just a little bit more YOU."

No where have I seen this on better display then at the recent Valentine's event at Diamonds Direct. The place was packed with individuals and couples from all walks of life, each coming in to find pieces that reflected their own personalities. The jewelry line highlighted for the evening, 
Gabriel & Co., had a variety of pieces that could be mixed and matched. (I know, because I created several custom combos!) From delicate gold necklaces that when layered give the effect of passed-down heirlooms, to hip silver shapes, some sprinkled with stones, that would make any fashionista swoon. Perhaps because I animatedly speak with my hands, and because the hands and wrists are such a visible and oft-noticed part of one's body, I am a big fan of bracelet stacks. I especially love a stack that tells a story… one bracelet a gift from a special someone, another a souvenir from a favorite destination, and so on. I have no problem mixing costume jewelry with fine pieces. (Gabriel & Co's simple, slim diamond cuff looked fab added to my own bracelets I wore to the event.) The point is to actually WEAR your jewelry - too many leave it in the safe, waiting for a special occasion! 

While watching the action at the event, it occurred to me that Diamonds Direct has truly tapped into the modern way of selling jewelry - offer gorgeous choices and let the customer customize. For it is those items that we feel reflect our personalities the best that we love the most.