The Dumbing Down of the Workplace Wardrobe

by Tracy James

As a wardrobe stylist on the speaking circuit, educating companies on the Do's and Don'ts of proper workplace attire, I admit I am not a fan of the move toward Business Casual, or, as this article more accurately phrases it, "Business Whatever." That said, the dressing-down trend has been great for business (MY business, that is) because...for many people, when you give ‘em an inch they'll take a mile. Whereas professional dress code rules are relatively clear cut, there’s a lot of grey area under the umbrella term, "Business Casual," and that's how you end up with employees wearing sweatshirts and flip-flops to the office...and thus the need to bring in someone like me to get them back on track.

This article from The Hustle offers explanation on how the pendulum swung so far. Do you know which tech company coined the first "Casual Friday?" Or which jeans manufacturer created the first "Guide to Business Causal" for the sole purpose of pushing a low-sales product? Read via link to left on to find out.