by Tracy James

I've said it before and I'll say it again...being healthy is STYLISH. And I don't just mean wearing your cute organic cotton dress to shop at Whole Foods. I'm talking PREVENTION, folks. And why am I talking about it? Because it is CHIC and SIMPLE to be smart about your health.

THE 411

You already know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but did you know Brookwood Medical Center is hosting an all-day (as in 6AM to 10PM!) mammogram event on Thursday, October 22? With those hours, your excuses are really falling by the wayside (you know you were going to DVR How to Get Away with Murder anyway.) So call 205-802-6900 to get an appointment that fits into your schedule that day or evening. Parking is FREE, just bring your ticket for validation. 


There will be entertaining and informational activities going on throughout the event (no boring waiting room here): a fashion show, cooking demonstration, holiday makeup consultations, swag bags for all, breakfast/lunch/dinner served (hello?!?), and bra fittings by Belk/Wacoal. If you think that last offering sounds funny, consider this: 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. I see evidence of this all the time when working with clients, and a proper fitting is where we begin. Belk & Wacoal are partnering with BMS on this event, donating $4 to Susan G. Komen for every woman who participates in a complimentary fitting. (No purchase necessary.) I will be at the event from 9:45-12:45 with the B-Metro Magazine Live Blogging Team. Stop by then or Tweet/Facebook message me to tell me you got your mammogram earlier or later!



No referral is needed for a mammogram screen.  Baseline mammograms are recommended at the age of 35 and annual mammogram screens are recommended annually at the age of 40. 3-D Mammograms will be offered as well. This technology helps doctors find breast cancer  earlier. All patients may upgrade to a 3-D mammogram for an additional $50.

Here's the clincher that made me decide to make time for a mammogram: do you know someone special to you who has been touched by breast cancer? What's the one thing you could do in their honor that would have the most impact? Yep, so do it. Make your appointment for 10/22.