My Stylist's Kit

by Tracy James

One of the bits of advice I share with clients during consultations is about the tools and products I use to make being stylish and polished just a little easier. Here are the Top 4 Tools of the Trade:

1) Fabric shaver (Fave: Evercare's Giant Fabric Shaver, below)

Add life to your pilled sweaters with a fabric shaver. This gadget is instantly gratifying in that the attached container catches all of those nasty little fuzzballs. Most models come with a plastic guard which should be used when shaving more delicate knits like cashmere to prevent snagging. Tip: Don't think you can shave your sweater and head out the door. To get the most benefit, spend a minimum of 10 minutes running the shaver over the garment.

2) Seam ripper (Fave: Mighty Bright Lighted Seam Ripper, below)

Whether removing a price tag, label or vent stitch, avoid damaging your garment by having a seam ripper on hand. You'll end up finding a multitude of uses for this little tool. Tip: Invest just a few more dollars in a lighted, magnified version. Your eyes will thank you!

3) Wrinkle release spray (Fave: Downey Wrinkle Releaser, below)

This product actually works and has changed my life. After burning myself with an iron as a kid (ok, I was doing one of those faux stained glass craft projects, not ironing clothing), I pretty much swore off the chore. I have prepped entire photo shoots with this stuff, not to mention how great it is for travel! Simply spray the wrinkles, pull/tug taut and let dry, and voila! Wrinkles gone. Tip: Don't be afraid to saturate your garments. While I don't receommend for silk, I have had no problem using on cotton or synthetics.

4) Personal steamer (Fave: Jiffy ESTEAM Hand-Held Travel Steamer, below)

When stubborn wrinkles just won't relax with spray, the situation calls for a steamer. While I do own an industrial steamer, I find I don't want to dedicate the space required to keep it set up 24/7 nor do I have the patience for the heat-up time. Back in the days of Parisian being my biggest fashion event client, I was introduced to Jiffy Steamer’s ESTEAM,  the most powerful hand-held steamer on the market (3 times more power than most others), and the only one I would ever use. This simple-to-operate steamer is ideal for use at home, in the office or on the road. With a quick heat up time of less than 2 minutes, it will steam continuously for 15 minutes per filling. Tip: This steamer also works for upholstery. It has proven invaluable for my linen slipcovered furniture.